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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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is facing. >> it's planning to spend $850 million to expand production with model x sold. but demand is expected to grow more as the palo alto based company expands sales to china and the united kingdom. plans in the works for a new battery plant and this will mean adding emmoiys the turnout on saturday caused highway 880 to be closed. there is a spill over affect. fremont worried about the loss of 5,000 jobs when numi shut down. the economic development director didn't return our call the manager at red wing shoes
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says a representative stopped by one day to arrange for emmoiys to buy work shoes there. >> they have other things to deal with. so two miles down the road it's nice to partner up like this. >> saying they got hurt when numi closed. >> people have been picking up again. >> you must be happy. >> yes. >> mer people. we hire again. >> investors looking for better results may see them next year when no mission yet of a sedan. >> neighbors in one community on the verge of louse losing local hospitals voters rejected a parcel tax
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that would have helped fund doctor's medical center. >> homeowners pay $98 to keep that hospital open. now being asked for $200 on top of that. that is when voters said enough is enough. this would mean families and the elderly would be left without a hospital the other room is kaiser richmond. other hospitals would also be affected. >> if this closes number of patients coming to the hospital and other hospitals will overwhelm the system. >> the latest number is $18 million a year. voter as agreed to two parcel
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taxes but time, when asked to vote on a third measure, voters rejected it. >> we ran out of rabbits. and are not going to have options because we run out of cash as soon as july. >> doctors medical center is a public institution that gets some money from property taxes but here is the problem. 90% of the patients are on medicare or medical. >> in the case of medicare, we hit $0.60 on the dollar. >> the county has spent seven years trying to bring in funds but is giving up. >> we don't have ability to take over a loss meaning we'd cut our own health services and law enforcement to
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residents this, is a tough situation >> the hospital board have declined. >> fi need to find a john, i will find another job but i prefer to stay. >> next week there will be a hearing to discuss a closure with residents. >> smoke came from dozens of recycling bins crews say there is a homeless encampment but they don't know p it was started by any residents. two people were detained but no word on whether anyone was actually arrested. the investigation shut down the off ramp for several hours until reopening an hour ago. >> an alert witness may have prevented a crime calling san francisco police to report several men with guns near the
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westfield center. that led to the arrest of three men sunday night. three men face charges all face a charge of resisting arrest. >> a 19-year-old driver is in critical condition after leading police on a chase that ended in a violent crash. in danville, it tumbled down an enbankment. police say the car was stolen from walnut creek. >> details on the death of a rant yo rosa woman in hawaii dieing on may one when she fell off a skip line landing platform in maui she was an employee of the company and trying to save someone coming in too fast.
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when she tried to grab the zip liner she fell backwards she fell 150 feet to the ravine below. >> that mountain lion cornered in an apartment complex last night is revealing a dangerous reality. we may see more big cats where they don't belong. this is video of his brother. abc7 news is live in san jose to explain, why we may see more sightings. >> well, dan there has been a sighting of yet another mountain lion this time we're told that mountain lions are secret tiff and shy. but they do follow their pray. the drought seems to be affecting where that food source is going.
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>> they're adaptable and secret tiff. >> they showed us road kill dear he's using as bait to capture another mountain lion. saying the big cat may have lost its bearings. >> very possibly could have been falling pray like a dear and got disoriented. >> the mountain lion ran into the gated parking garage. looking scared and confused. >> had a lot of activity. people running around. it's an environment that is not used to vehicles. the asphalt >> a large crowd gathered. >> it's okay. >> several hours passed and he
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was wearing a tracking collar hike the one on the puma. >> this is where battery back is. >> it transmits data. he's identified by the santa cruise project and 46 m. the fact 46 m was found in the city last night doesn't necessarily mean he's sick or unhealthy. the drought may be causing his pray to become more bold. >> we're going to see more deer hanging out in areas like that. >> police say it was calm and released today to an area that
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he frequents. >> investigators investigating a project that left birds injured and some may have died. nick? >> good evening. take a look behind me the wild hive services are looking into reports when they were cut they not only broke the law but trimmers tossed branchs to the ground injuring birds and tossed other branchs into the wood chipper. >> the vet helping this heron says he needed surgery. >> we encourage people to do their tree trimming after the birds had babies. >> protected by the bird act, this heron had their nests destroyed. some birds only chance at
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survival. >> they have bumps and bruises and a fractured mannedville. >> they were under orders to im the trees birds were injured as branchs fell in violation of state and federal law >> this is serious >> in a statement a spokesperson tells me their manager did not witness actions by the tree service that would have harmed birds and there is no evidence of any feathered massacre. saying they could have avoided the situation with a call to the city. >> we were to come up with the solution and told you okay. we can't do anything now. as soon as the last one pledges we'll be here to help. >> residents want birds safe and their trees left alone.
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they go back to the lake with babies. >> in oakland, nick smith abc7 news >> won't be it be nice to know an earthquake is about to hit? still to come one thing that stands in the way of a quake early warning system for california. why finding a match won't be easy. >> a ride service that dares to go where campers never tread. >> there is light rain headed our way. where it's expected to arrive
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>> early warning systems exist in california but so far only a handful of researchers and agencies is access to them. scientists gathered to try to figure out how to share warnings with everyone. laura? >> this is a tunnel that contains sensors that can detect earthquakes. it's part of a system that could benefit california if the state can find the way to pay for it.
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whether it's seconds or a minute, consensus is that it's better to have a warning than none at all when an earthquake is about to hit. >> a few seconds of warning, you just remove ceiling tiles. >> as it is now, there are systems in place to predict earthquakes. and deliver warnings. the idea is to get the warning to everyone. >> is it an app? i vote for an all of the above strategy. >> the governor signed a bill requiring the state to develop a state wide alert system.
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so finding money is key. >> other countries like mexico and japan have early warning systems and here bart allows operators to slow, or stop trains. >> you're going to get a few seconds of warning. as far as 90 the cost state wind and funding it five $80 million. >> a family is reaching out tonight hoping you'll be the needle in a hay stack.
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he needs a bone marrow transplant. >> this little boy is biracial. there are 10 million donors in the national registry, only about 400,000 are mixed race because donors ideally need to be ethnically similar, finding a life saving is daunting. baylor needs your help. this 7-year-old who loves math and sports is battling leukemia. this video shared by asian american donor program is one way the family is reaching out. >> you can help save my brother's live. >> baylor needs a transplant his sister is not a match. their parents are japanese and german. a mixed race donor would be ideal. so far a world wide search has come up empty.
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>> number one thing doesn't pertain to it turned our world upside down as a family >> now, only a bone marrow transplant will do. he says baylor knows finding a donor is a challenge. >> he has spoken to us about the possibility he may pass away. he's aware of the situation. >> the family is not giving up hope. there is a effort to increase the number of minority donors in the national registry. campaigns.
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>> if it's not baylor's life might be another patient. >> that is his dad there are two drives this weekend and another a week from today. and we've posted the story on our face book page in hopes you'll share it with a friend to help him find a match. >> etc. get a check on the forecast now. >> a big weather weekend coming our way. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. blue skies and there is mass of moisture along the coastline and that is a system
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that may bring light rain into the bay area. seeing high clouds there. temperatures at 59 in san francisco and oakland. 62 in gilroy. how about this view of wipsy clouds over the bay from our camera. mid-60s in napa and novato. and interesting skies of the presunset sky there. clouds continuing to increase overnight. spotty showers likely and warning warmer over the weekend if time for mother's day. there is a cloud ahead of the front. a chance of rain we'll start at 5:00 tomorrow morning.
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beginning of the rush hour. might be drizzle along the coastline. over land areas, cloudy skies at 5:00 in the morning. spotty showers pushing through the bay area. there will be wet spots. and a tenth of an inch around the bay area. upper 40s to low temperatures. tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures in the south bay upper 60s to low 70s. we'll see highs around 70 degrees in redwood city. low 60s on the coast. showers downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. areas of scattered showers with
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highs into low 70s, upper 60s on the east bay. drying out friday, warming up saturday and more sunday. mid-80s inland. and upper 80s to low 90s around the bay. that is pretty warm. >> just ahead san francisco zoo's newest inhabitants. tillad vanilla ice cream is absolutely amazing. creammmmmy. it makes my tongue dance. me too. hey you two, stop that tillamook tongue dancing and get back to work! tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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>> a few years ago peregrine falcons were almost extinct this, is a peregrine at the top of the pg&e building. they put bans owe tack their movements >> they dive at speeds from 200 to 300 miles per hour. they're able to survive that impact. >> they like the financial district because of the pigeons they can feast on.
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there are about 45 peregrine pairs in the bay area >> san francisco zoo unveiled name of its new red panda today this, is the video. he was born in sacramento and arrived in san francisco about six weeks ago. >> sleeping during the day but he seems to be having fun having a good time. >> barry and marie lipman named the panda after the pamus sherpa in 1953. they won the naming rights with the $31,000 donation to the zoo. >> still to come the president's arrival and plans for bay area and what he saw along the way.
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>> the president arrived in los angeles for the start of a three-day california visit that will bring him to the bay area. he will accept a human rights award from steven spielberg's foundation today planning to attend silicon valley fund-raisers the other at los altos home of ann wujitski. on friday will visit a walmart to talk about energy efficiency. >> the president stopped in arkansas to see damage from tornadoes last month. he walked through a devastated neighborhood in a small city about 30 miles north of little
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rock. severe storms killed five people destroying hundreds of homes. the president pledged assistance for rebuilding. >> the federal government going to be here until we get communities rebuild because when some happens to a wonderful community it happens to all of us. >> the obama administration has designated the area a major disaster zone. >> $300,000 for anyone that can offer a tip leading to the rescue of 200 kidnapped school girls the u.s. is now helping sending experts to nigeria. oakland congress woman met with officials today in washington, d.c. the girls abducted from the school more than three weeks
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ago. these are crimes committed against humanity. and must stop. >> she tweeted this photo showing her holding a sign with a hash tag bring back our girls. >> pentagon and the fbi are sending teams to nigeria. and terrorists suspected of killing hubs of people in a remote village this, is part of the story. >> it continues another day, another attack. this happening on the border. local residents telling cnn around 1:30 p.m
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into the cloud using rocket propelled grenades. so 150 people were dead. and that number could rise. this girls were snagged from their beds in the middle of the night the nigerian government said they're doing everything they can, filling up on every lead and staying on television. they have no idea where girls are. now announcing they're offering a cash reward of $300,000 for information that could lead to the rescue of the girls and getting word they have accepted help from the united kingdom alongside the u.s. hope is that with this reward and offers of help that this
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could be the turning point in an operation to find the girls and reunite them. >> they're not seeing it. the statement in response to russian rez putin's claims today that his troops have been moved away from the region. russia had about 40,000 soldiers positioned on the boreder for several weeks now. today told them to stop a referendum and the u.s. is removing special trade benefits for russia meaning goods will be subject to normal tax rates. >> the california charter school association has filed a lawsuit in a case watch add cross the state. and we spoke with the district minutes ago saying they
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aacknowledged they're not entitled to the funds san francisco about to take a new approach in dealing with graffiti vandals approving a plan and cleaning up costs $19 million per year. senders would have to pay for it and get involved with community service. >> state officials today adopted a route for the second leg of california's high speed rail system. today will extend the line by 113 miles, meeting in fresno this morning the state high speed rail authority adopted plans to address air quality during construction. and pry vent the speed of valley fever.
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plans must be submitted for review. >> here is welcome news. three years after the japan tsunami there is no evidence of radiation here on the west coast. the tsunami damaged the plant and leaking radiation ever since. today issued findings and none shows sign of radiation from the disaster what. they did find is radiation likely if nuclear weapons testing to that fell below the threshold for endangering public health. >> a promise of continued low interest rates telling condition gres economy is improving borrowing rates will remain low, she said. in reaction, the dow jones gained 117 points today.
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whole foods lost 19% today, linked n is on a major expansion binge submitted plans for building several new office buildings in mountain view and the company may hire new workers fed-ex changing its pricing structure, starting in january practices will be priced according to size instead of weight. a third will cost more to ship. >> coming up next a ride service that dares to go where cab drivers fear to trae tread. >> we'll be right back.
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a san francisco city leader is turning to technology to help solve problems of public
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housing. >> a supervisor thinks ride sharing apps could help clean up the neighborhood. >> mice and rats are running around. >> the supervisor is meeting with a group of grandmothers to hear complaints about the public housing. >> it's hard to get a cab here any time. >> many fleets are based in this neighborhood. seniors say drivers don't want to speak to the projects. sometimes they get robbed. >> they need to go to doctors i'd take them to the doctors. >> i work for uber. it connects readers with a smart phone app.
6:42 pm
>> now says it has 800 drivers in this part of the city. not afraid to pick up here. >> i can't speak to in terms of foul play we see low rates >> operations manager says uber doesn't use cash and records names but that is not the only reason he is interested >> because you live in public housing doesn't mean you're not inclined to have that spirit. >> there is a financing problem. >> weekly payments get deducted for them. >> they do need jobs >> and maybe a more reliable ride. >> supervisor cullen wants to bring them to a meeting soon.
6:43 pm
in san francisco, abc7 news >> just ahead tonight it doesn't this young boy had three heart surgery s. >> what he is about to accomplish next is pretty remarkab a pediatrician.ds of a . art advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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twin brothers from oakland have a unique job sharing arrangement are now changing jobs. they've been working as co-principals at claremont school. their partnership brought improvements to claremont. they've been so successful they've been hired away from oakland and promoted by a neighboring school district. next term they will be co-principals of san leandro high. >> an 11-year-old boy continues to amaze doctors and his family as he manages a rare heart condition. what he is about to do next is really incredible.
6:47 pm
the 11-year-old is a fierce warrior studying mixed marshal arts since he was seven. but the battle has been with his heart. >> my right ventricle is not there. he was born with half a heart. only one in 10,000 kids have it. he had three open heart surgeries. and is now going for a black belt. >> i feel extraordinary right now. >> all of this intense marshal arts is helping his heart get better. doctors say as long as he takes breaks he can go for that black belt. his mom watches and monitors oxen levels but he keeps going. >> to be able to have that
6:48 pm
spirit takes people a live time to get. and how can such a young boy have it. >> we've gone through so many things i feel like i'm lucky to have survived this. >> april all, many feel he's found it. >> got to love his form. >> yes. what a tough kid. >> yes. >> skies are clear now. in the next 24 hours we'll see some of the moisture off the north coast moving into our direction. here is a look at conditions tomorrow, there will be numerous showers in the northern part of the state and along the central
6:49 pm
coast. some areas of scattered showers. there would be wet spots. looking at the week ahead, what kind of a warm up we're going to have in san jose. sunday 82 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, mid-90s. warming begins on sunday. many locations tuesday and wednesday highs into mid to upper 90s >> yes. >> thank you >> let's check in now with larry beil. >> we're hearing from the man at the center of the warriors storm drama. >> yes.
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>> we'll hear from mark jackson and coco cris. sports is coming up
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good evening, everybody one day after being fired, mark jack sn did a series of radio interinterviews today. jackson took the high road but admitted to getting frustrated with upper management and what he believes were leaks coming from the organization. >> when people lie against you and makeup stories the evidence convince it will be how you treat people. i go into a reading to discuss the opportunity and before i come out, it's been tweeted i'm in a meeting and being fired. >> after winning the first four game the giants have dropped last two to the pirates on the
6:54 pm
hills today had a location issue early on. he's locating this ball over the wall after garrett cole the ninth of the year. travis snyder scores. base hit to right. two more scores. timmy goes on four innings awill yous four runs. hector sanchez there looking. giants fall and head to l.a. a's and mariners a true double header today from that field situation. the fourth inning a scary situation. coco chris makes a catch off the bat of kyle seeinger into the wall. he did hang on but left the game with a strained neck.
6:55 pm
derek barton in the tenth. michael saunders scores and mariner goes on to win in one of the twinville. and that is true. a hustle play by craig againry. two outs on the third. a flipped single to third and this is not a he's not for nsds. no rehearsal there, folks. i'm working with two professionals sports hall of fame has five members. and track star jim hines >> i look at the names they're on the list. and here.
6:56 pm
and it's a great honor to be with such great sports people. >> richard sherman is now being paid the best. he signed a four-year deal today worth $57 million. 40 million of that is guaranteed for the man who is a huge factor. 57 million that is not mediocre. abc7 sports if i can figure out a way to do ball on a string with you guys, boy have hours of fun. >> you're bad >> i know. >> the new plan to charge california drivers by the mile. how it would work at 9:00 >> then time running out a young bride to be wants nothing more
6:57 pm
than to marry the love of her life. >> it's a great story. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. our coverage continues now on twitter. i'm dan ashley. >> from the entire abc7 news team have a great night. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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